Digestive and Gut Support

Digestive and gut problems such as irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease affect adults, children and infants from all walks of life, and it is often difficult to get an adequate diagnosis or treatment.

Starting with a full history, Ford’s will determine the best food plan for you while ensuring restrictions are as minimal as possible. Our team will educate you on special gastrointestinal health foods, such as macrobiotics, probiotics and fermentation, as well as providing you with supplements and medical food to complete your treatment. We pride ourselves on providing effective natural solutions - if a product has not produced clinical results, chances are we won’t carry it.

Dr. Formulated PROBIOTICS Once Daily Ultra 90 Billion CFU

90 billion CFU of beneficial probiotics made from 15 diverse probiotic strains

M7+ Digestive Aid

A very robust digestive enzyme.

Valerian Root

Helps Promote Sleep

Vitamin D

An important factor in the prevention of bone loss in men and women.

Vitamin D Liquid

Designed for enhanced absorption

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