Ylang Ylang Spray and Cetyl Alcohol Lotion

Type Customized non-prescription med
Dosage Form Spray and Lotion
Volume Various

When hildren are in close contact with each other, as in at school or camp, they share good times, but also germs, etc.  One of the commonly shared items causes a lot of head itching.  Ford’s Family Pharmacy and Wellness Centre has solutions for that annoying challenge.  Our Ylang Ylang Spray is said by our customers to be the most efficient at solving the head problem.  For even tougher cases, our Acetyl Alcohol works like a hair mask to get rid of the problem.  Ford’s has a nearly 100% success rate with our customers in getting rid of the annoying head itch problem caused by children’s togetherness at camp and school.  Come on in to get some and be prepared!

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