Active B Complex

Dosage Form Vegetarian Capsules
Strength Varying amounts of all the B vitamins
Volume 60

  • Supports the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins 
  • Helps the body form red blood cells and tissues 
  • Supports normal growth and development 
  • Supports nervous system function 
  • Helps maintain normal healthy cholesterol and homocysteine levels

Natural Factors Active B Complex is a one-per-day formula featuring highly bioactive essential B vitamins for effective support of healthy energy metabolism and nervous system function. B vitamins are vital for the release of energy from food and for healthy nerves and restful sleep, especially during times of stress.

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These products should not be taken if there is an allergy or sensitivity to any of the active or inactive ingredients. Please consult your healthcare provider in the event of any adverse effects. Although most of the products below are natural, it does not mean in any circumstance that they may not cause an allergic reaction. If uncertain as to ingredients, please contact the pharmacy for a list.

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