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Date: Sunday, March 18th, 2018

Time:  10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Location: Camp Centennial (The Lodge at Centennial Park)

Cost: Early Bird Price:  $95; $125 at the door;  includes lunch and snacks throughout the day

Registration: Click on the Brown Paper Tickets logo or event Brite below to purchase tickets online. Physical tickets can be purchased at the pharmacy.

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Stress - The number 1 cause of chronic disease! Take control of your health and learn to manage your stress!

The majority of ailments people come into the pharmacy to seak to one of our pharmacists about, can be traced to stress. While a certain amount is necessary to keep us living, motivated and enhancing certain body systems (stress on muscles and bones, for example, makes them stronger). However, most of us live with too much stress too much of the time. we remain in "Fight or Flight" so often, that our bodies think we're running from a lion most of the time. Digestion doesn't work and nutrients can't get to our body systems. We start feeling bad, have pain, can't sleep, and more. The longer it goes on, the higher
our risk of chronic disease.

You CAN stop the lion! There are many ways to manage stress. We have partnered with 9 different practitioners in the Moncton area to teach you different techniques From different types of yoga and meditation, to art and music, to essential oils and herbs, even to the foods you eat, you're sure to find something that you find works for you! Combined with introductory and closing talks by Dr. Peter Ford and Dr. Taylor White, you will learn how to get on the path of wellness.

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