Safeguard Your Adventures: The Vital Role of a Travel Clinic

Embarking on a journey, whether for business or pleasure, fills us with excitement and anticipation. Yet, amidst the thrill of exploring new horizons lies the often-overlooked aspect of safeguarding our health abroad. Enter the indispensable ally in your travel preparations: the Travel Clinic.

Fat Doesn’t Make You Fat….Sugar Does!

Let’s start with a little history. Back in 1976, US Senator McGovern raised concerns regarding diet and health – people were eating “wealthy” foods – steaks, cheesecake, etc., heart disease was prevalent, and many of his colleagues were dying prematurely. He thought diet was the link.

Managing Stress to Stay Healthy

Stress – it is probably the underlying cause of almost every health complaint. The number one symptom people list as a health concern is fatigue. Tiredness from not sleeping well, and even when one does sleep well, can be directly attributed to stress. Being tired makes you feel stressed, as well. It’s a vicious cycle.

Getting Back on Track After the Holidays-part 2

The holidays are over and we survived! However, with the stress that goes along with the planning, shopping, cooking, cleaning, and worrying about family dynamics, in addition to knowing you didn’t stay really “clean” on your own diet, comes the consequences. Your digestion probably wasn’t optimum and absorption of all the nutrients your body needs just didn’t happen. Now with the let-down of the holidays being over, many people get sick. The adrenalin or cortisol your body was running on is depleted, you’re tired, and your body can’t cope. So how do you fix it?

Getting Back on Track After the Holidays-part 1

Sleep, exercise, and managing stress can help you get your immune system reset. However, you’ll need to boost it by eating and drinking certain foods and beverages and avoiding others. Here’s the lowdown…

EAT DIRT – An Introduction to the Microbiome

I am reading Dr. Josh Axe’s book entitled “Eat Dirt”, published this past year. It’s full of information that confirms what I’ve been learning over the past few years.

Most of our practice is based on chronic disease or diseases that are “new” in the last 40 years. What we have been able to deduce over the 25 years of consultations with the general public, is how much is related to our gut, our intestinal system, from our mouth all the way to our anus, and everything in between.

Benefits of Fermented Foods

Did you have a garden and just complete your harvest? Have too much of some vegetables? Grocery stores may have an abundance of some items, as well, and mark them down. Many people can their vegetables, but did you know you can ferment or pickle them for more health benefits?

Most of us are aware of sauerkraut, especially the delicious varieties we can buy right here in the Maritimes from Lewis Mountain. And many of us are at least vaguely aware that there are some health benefits to eating it. Here’s the scoop.

Reduce Your Stress so You Can Enjoy the Holidays!

It’s the holiday season and you want to enjoy it! Time with family and friends, parties, gifts, feasts and drinking – it should be fun, but many people find this time of year stressful. In fact, most of us live fairly stressful lives anyway. Stress is a root cause of almost every disease and ailment. The holidays add another layer of stress to our lives with gift decisions and buying, meals to prepare, eating badly at parties, etc. We’ve compiled 5 special tips that will help you de-stress during the holidays.